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And third summer view

To finish this summer compilation, a few numbers to highlight how feasible is to track the evolution of a meander: for a pilot case 10 Hectares surface, 15 mins drone footage in manual mode can take 200 snapshots, and after 2 hours SfM crunching by a desktop, a 3D surface model with centimetrical pixel resolution (GSD < 5 cms) allows to track standard fluvial shapes: bars, channels and other deposits that identify meander migrations. More details discussed in the next season E-Learning module.  

Summer views II

To start monitoring Algae Blooms for a few hectares you just need HQ drone imagery and simple free software, to be explained in forthcoming E-Learning module,  insights about limits and  comparison with open-access satellite bands are also discussed.

Summer views I

A dry summer, semi-arid area, most of the river bed is free and mappable by a drone, but the bank vegetation is still very dense and a filtering algorithm is needed to estimate the bare ground. We pose the question when is most convenient to map the river bed and the banks ?  Seeds for E-Learning module.