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New course soon

To be confirmed after Easter, a 30 hours on-line course with title Flood Risk evaluation with remote sensing and modelling tools , in Spanish, for UNCA students, and other guests. The dates are to be confirmed soon, but the subjects are updated in this LINK . 

Drain pain

A tale of two rains , in so many cities. The 1st heavy rainfall surprises the city with floods but these are non persistent because the drainage system copes with the aftermath.  More importantly the upstream basin is filled, and the following days water raises along the main river channel blocking outfalls and drain pipes (pictured). If a second heavy rainfall happens while the drain conduits are clogged, the impact can be overwhelming.

Door to Tomorrow: research networks

In February I evaluated the dissertation by Bruno Ortiz from Paraguay, as part of the MSc on Energy and Environment by ITBA (Buenos Aires Technological Institute, Argentina) and KIT (Karlsruhe Technological Institute, Germany),  applied to SG (Salto Grande, Argentina-Uruguay) Hydro-Power exploitation, with title "Prototype design to estimate discharge, by means of LSPIV " (dissertation in spanish). A concise work, state of the art about the setup and configuration of a video camera for LSPIV processing, which aids to estimate surface water speeds, ie flow and discharge. Many thanks to all the involved people: ITBA committee Roberto Vieytes and Cecilia Smoglie, SG Hydrology department Guillermo Collazos and Gonzalo Saprizia, and of course all the congrats to Bruno Ortiz, who´s got the degree successfully.           Picture by ivillanueva: streamlines downstream Faustino Domingo Sarmiento Park gates, Azul, Buenos Aires.