Ten years along different Flood Early Warning Systems in Spain, and academic stays or visits to Denmark, Netherlands and UK,  provided experience for a set of Hydro-Meteorological or HYDROMET services:
  • Hydrological monitoring networks with cross-validation of data, and real time workflow design and exploitation, managing two Delft-FEWS flood forecasting systems.
  • Prediction at catchment scales: reservoir management and hydropower.
  • Remote sensing exploitation from satellites using several reflectance bands.
  • Statistical treatment for extreme events and return periods, evaluation of Climate Change trends and regression models.
  • Flood forecasting and risk management: mitigation and resilience policies,  dam breaching and tailings dam effects, all supported by modelling with 2D software: FLO-2D, HEC-RAS, Iber, Infoworks ICM, academic Lisflood-FP, Mike Flood, RiverFlow2D, academic Trent.   
  • Data-assimilation and coupling with Hydrological schemes:  Deltares-HBV, DHI-NAM, UPV-Tetis. 
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms for segmentation of large bulks of HYDROMET data.

Relevant works:
  • Short-term consultancy for the World Bank (Water Europe and Central Asia),  March-June 2022, extended to end of the project: Flood Risk Management Plans for Romania, Senior Hydraulic Modelling and Data Expert. 
  • Reconquista river Flood Early Warning System, review of ToR documentation related to sensor types, locations and IT storage. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017. Clients: Hydronia LLC (Florida, USA) and Inter-American Development Bank.                                                                                                                                                          
  • Technical support in developing a FLO-2D simulation, hyperconcentrated sediment flow for the Rimac valley and delta at Lima, Perú. Dr. Sandra Villacorta PhD dissertation: Evolución geomorfológica del abanico aluvial de Lima y su relación con la peligrosidad por inundaciones, November 2018. Non-profit.


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