Capacity Building

Examples of seminar programs, between 16 and 40 hours each, online, in person or hybrid:
October-November 2023, Hidrologia-SXXI for IHLLA members, 8x3 hours covering: introduction to hydro-meteo data script management, basic vertical mass balance, drone imagery processing with special emphasis on LSPIV for river discharge measures, and 2D hydraulic modelling for urban scenarios and alpine GLOFs.
May 2023, dike failure probabilities, fragility curves. As part of the one day World-Bank online training for Risk of piping and overtopping, algorithms applied to Romanian contingency plans.
From March 2022, an online compilation for Flood-Mapping is under development at
IAPG-Perú, 3x2 hours online, 2022:
Shared with Dr. Sandra Villacorta, Darwin University, Australia: drone footage and numerical models can prevent flash mud-floods
River monitoring with drones, image processing. Hosted by UTN Concordia:
Argentina 2019:

Short intro to 2D Flood Modelling with Free Software at UTN Concordia:

Statistics for Hydrology and Telemetry at UNPSJB  Puerto Madryn:

Argentina 2018, 2D Flood Modelling with Free Software.

IHLLA, Azul, Buenos Aires: 

UNSE, Santiago del Estero:

Middle East and North Africa Water Sum REC program, 2017-2018:
5 one-week series of seminars about fluvial and coastal Flood Risk Management, Adaptation to Extreme Events,  Sea Water Intrusion, and Time Series Manipulation, held in Cairo, Egypt, Hammamet, Tunisia and Amman, Jordan.


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