Since 2017 I run a dedicated consultancy for Water Resources Modelling & Hydrology, spreading the use of computational models through international capacity building schemes and field visits with technical assessment.

Previously I gained experience during 21 years in numerical methods for flood modelling and Early Warning Systems for flood forecasting and mitigation, dealing with university research groups, Water Agencies, Ministries, and stakeholders.

Worked for several size spanish civil engineering consultancies: Sers, Danish Hydraulic Institute-Spain subsidiary, Ofiteco and SENER.

Academic Background: MSc in Physics (1993) and PhD in Computational Hydraulics (1999), Fluid Mechanics, GHC group, U. of Zaragoza, Spain, and Applied Mathematics, Reading, UK. Post-Doc (2006) at the University of Nottingham, Civil Engineering School, as part of the Flood Risk Management and Research Consortium, UK.

Based in Buenos Aires province since Dec. 2022 as research member of the IHLLA institute, my international experience has been in: Spain, UK, Argentina, Romania, Portugal,  Egypt and Perú.

Feel free to know more through the links and contact me for a tailored CV or project proposal.


Hydrology and Research issues: ivillanueva@ihlla.org.ar
Any other subject: ivillamadrid@gmail.com


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