This section is fully focused on Argentinian news and prospects, mostly in Spanish.

Raising phreatic levels at La Pampa, short chronicle by EL PAIS, September 2023.

Research Proposals Presentation @IHLLA, March 2023, PDF-Slides.

Technical visit to Azul, October 2018:

Technical visit to Tres Arroyos, October 2018:

Technical visit to UNSE Santiago del Estero, October 2018:

Flood Risk Analysis  for critical Buenos Aires urban districts, August 2020.
Link to the Graduation Thesis Live Presentation by Filippo Berdes (in Spanish).
Faculty of Agronomy-UBA, Argentina, 2020-07-30. Director: Dr. Carlos Di Bella. Codirector: Dr. Pablo Baldassini.

Particular cases of Reconquista and Matanza-Riachuelo rivers. It presents the most detailed an up to date algorithm for the Flood Vulnerability Index at Buenos Aires. Displays Flood Risk Maps considering present and Climate Change projections for 2015-2099. A top-class study by recent graduate Filippo Berdes to whom I gave brief indications for Hydrology-Hydraulics modelling.

World-Bank reports related to Flood Risk and Resilience  in Argentina, 2023. The report about impact on Land Transport Network is based on FATHOM flood maps:

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